Culture and Lifestyle in Albania

Albania is one of the country under Balkan culture. There is a thing that you will know about Albania. Albania is filled with amazing culture and tradition that has passed down from generation to generation and even until this moment, people are still practicing ancient culture.

Language. The language of Albania is mixed, Indo-European and Latin. This is due to the ancient culture that they had have during the BC period. Now that they have changed as a parliamentary government, they made Albanian as the official language of the nation.

Clothing. The traditional clothing of Albania exposes purity and brightness. Man and women have to wear clothes covering their whole body even the neck. Women has to wear a dress with Red style in their front and with petticoat. Men also have to use white garments and they cover their head with white cap.

Food Practices. Most of the foods of the Albanians come from the farm because this is the only source of food that they are rich in.  They are deprived from a high economic status so meat are very precious to them.

Architecture. This is one of the best thing to know about their architecture. Albanian architecture was influenced by the Greek and Roman architecture during the middle ages but in the middle of the 20th century, there was drastic change of the architectural design because all disappeared due to the changing of the society.

Hopitable. It is in the culture of Albania to be very hospitable to their visitors and they treat them as good friends and they treat them well with their food.