A documentary on the practiced tradition of being a sworn virgin

As there are many countries in this world the practices and cultures are also many and it varies. For some, they could be strange and very unique. In the country of Albania also you will also know of one tradition that they practice. This is about the sworn virgins or the persons who were born as females but they had taken a vow to live as men so that they could take the rights of a man because of the different rights are given to gender.

In this video, you will be able to see the life of a three of those who are still living with the oath of living as a man. There have been many documentaries that had been made regarding the topic and the video is one of them. In the near future, there could be a movie about this tradition. But let us understand it through what we can learn today in the video. There are three of those who sworn to be virgins that they had interviewed.

They shared why they wanted to live as males all their life. They have different reasons and one of them is to have the rights of a man so that they can take the role of the head of the clan. The practice is that there should be a leader of a clan to take care of the family. But if there is no man to do it then the female can choose to be the one. The way for people to market their product is to learn online strategy. You can check how seo makes every business grow more. I learn this from my boss before and now I am proudly one of the marketers who has the big development on my business services.