Interesting Facts about the People of Nigeria

What is the world’s population today? Actually, it is around 7 billion! How many continents exist? There are seven and these continents are vast lands. Among the continents, let us look into the African continent. Do you know the population of Africa? Millions of people live in that continent. In fact, it is said that Africa is one of the most populous continent in the world unlike Europe and the United States. Below is an infographic that shows about some interesting facts about the people of Nigeria.

  • Nigeria is a place in Africa that has the most number of residents. In other words, it is a country that has a great number of population. In addition, according to the census, Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world! How much more in the future?
  • The world’s population is around 7 billion. Then, how many percent do you think the entire population of Nigeria accounts? Actually, it is about 2.5% of the world’s population!

  • The average age of Nigeria is 19 with 63% of the population under the age of 24.
  • Did you know that Nigeria itself has over 500 different ethnic groups? Yes. That’s actually surprising! If there areĀ  many different ethnic groups, it means that there are various languages and dialects spoken by the people. But, take note that the official language in Nigeria is English. That’s the good news!
  • You may think that there are only few billionaires in Nigeria. In fact, it has many wealthy people than any other country in Africa.