Race vs. Ethnicity

It is a matter of importance to know the difference between race and ethnicity to avoid confusion. Through this article, you can distinguish the difference between the two. Sometimes, people may think that race and ethnicity are the same. They say so because the two have some similarities. But to say again, the two are different. What could be the difference between race and ethnicity?


  • It is considered to be a biological classification. In other words, race is more on the physical appearance. A person is easily distinguished which race he belongs unlike ethnicity.
  • Sometimes, it is easily determined by the physical appearance especially the color of the skin. For example, if a person is black, he is easily recognized as either from Africa or from Nigeria. Even the color of his hair. Those who have a natural blonde hair are recognized easily as Americans.

  • A member of one race cannot join another race. It can also depend on the situation. But usually, it is difficult to join another race. The difference in race usually leads to discrimination.


  • It is considered as a cultural identity. In other words, through the culture and practices, you can know that a person belongs to a certain ethnic group.
  • Sometimes, an ethnic group can be recognized through the manner or way of dressing. Each of the ethnic group have their own traditional costumes.
  • If a person belongs to one of the ethnic groups, he or she can join another ethnic group. This is one of the benefits or advantages of the ethnic group unlike the race.